Tuesday, November 15, 2016


that would be another 3.5 yards outta my stash...
this issue of 100 blocks came to me in a giveaway and right away spied this block (left side) that was scrappy friendly...

my blocks were done in a variety of solids with the side/top sashing a charcoal....ran out of charcoal so for the last row, added 6" border of solid black on each side along with 2" top and bottom....no longer hiding out in the elfa drawer, but will get tied by some willing hands for a worthy cause.   ***  continuing to work on guild raffle quilt with a probable finish before week's end.....donation quilt all quilted and ready to bind and get mailed first of december...365 lags further behind but still hope to finish up by end of december, that and farmer's wife.   ***  christmas sewing plans finalized and easily do-able with other sewing.   ***  another year is nearly history, one that had big changes for me but at home and fully settled.  have navigated single and finally living alone--and loving it--with few blips although budget still very much a concern.  it seems that formal work is really behind me for good and although have plenty to fill my days, still feel too young to be shelved.  fortunate that gratitude for each day, and the Lord's pleasure to grant me same, plus creativity keep me engaged and involved, albeit with no extra income for many fun things.  things could be a lot worse....fortunately plenty of UFOs on hand for hours of free entertainment  ***  lastly, menu tip for the cost conscious...tweaked mac and cheese using half cheddar, half taco cheese, adding few slices of chopped pepperoni and sliced cherry tomatoes, divvied up in ramekins and popped in freezer....not boring at all!


  1. Your creativity knows no bounds! That "Contained Chaos" block could definitely become a giant stash buster. Good for you, Grace; you have had quite a year and are an inspiration to all. Thank you for sharing your journey, God bless you~ each and every day!

    1. thanks and aw shucks...am totally blessed, so many in more difficult situations...

  2. Thanks for the zippy Mac & Cheese update! Perfect to have comfort food ready to nuke and enjoy. I really like the look of that block for stashbusting, thanks for sharing it here.