Tuesday, November 8, 2016

november and flowers?

yes, even though we have plenty of this in the neighborhood...

this being the northernmost southern state, there are also these still blooming everywhere....some variety of a bush rose....they bloom continuously all summer and into the fall apparently...

drive by these often and just had to snap a photo....these are a lovely pink.....the tree photo was taken at a local state park, Gambrill, about 5-6 miles from here....up a small mountain with plenty of views overlooking the valleys.....built by the CCC back in the 1930s.   lots of picnic spots with grills too....will have to visit next summer and (make note) take hot dogs!!!   ****  upcoming church bazaar means tuesdays are ultra-busy sewing up tied quilts and other items for sale.  have contributed one bed size flimsy with another nearly done, which partly explains why my own sewing is lagging.  quilting on the donation quilt is nearly finished, thinking another week or so should see it done.  then can devote more time to 365, finishing farmer's wife (for which all background triangles have been readied) and the last few westering women.  empty spools are piling up as it has been a banner sewing year for me!


  1. great autumn colour against the stone wall.........

  2. Pretty photos! I'm not altogether sure, but the bush might be "Rose Of Sharon" which is actually a member of the hibiscus family rather than a true rose. Butterflies seem to like mine.

    1. these are different than a rose of sharon...might be a variation but they look like a true rose like a rambling rose but in bush form...

  3. We've had too much frost in our neck of the woods to have things still blooming, if they have not been protected. But just an hour or two south of us there are still flowers blooming. Unreal, isn't it?