Friday, November 11, 2016

never forgotten....

my dad, a WWII vet of utah beach, at rest now for 14 years....he never talked about the war even tho we had a ton of grainy, sepia-toned photos of many fellow GIs....the few comments he made during my lifetime were casual things....scrambling eggs in his helmet, sights seen in paris, a glimpse of bing crosby....but the impact of war on his life was immeasurable with him fading away like most WWII vets from a constellation of ailments and then multi-system failure.  his corny jokes and tender heart live on through us.....just another imperfect human who left a great of so many who served, worthy of all our honor and thanks....

still waging my own battle with 365 blocks....4 more added to the pile and still 21 blocks behind...hoping this weekend will afford some time to shorten the gap, eventually to win this war by december's end.  

a peek at upcoming blocks revealed some HUGE a tree of 3.5"??? are you kidding???  


  1. Great thoughts, Grace!
    Wow, those blocks just keep on testing you, don't they? Even I haven't made a 3.5" Tree of Life!!

  2. Great blocks, I can't wait to see that T.O.L. block in that teeny-tiny size; holy cow!! You are my hero. Thank you for your Veteran's Day tribute too, we can't ever thank those who served, for our freedom, too many times!

  3. Your tribute to your very special veteran moved me to tears, thank you.