Sunday, November 6, 2016

latest batch...

of  365 blocks, that is...still just under 3 weeks behind on this sew along that is plugging along at a snail's pace.  with the holiday closing in, going to make a supreme effort to be current before family arrives later this month.

funny how some go together smoothly but others are a huge challenge...the bottom row far left was a nightmare, one of the worst of the year, but it's passable and hoping will blend in ok with the finished project.   choosing fabrics randomly also results in some surprises as in the top right.   there are 3 corner blocks that are 12.5" unfinished waiting as well, but thought would hold off and do all at once and use same fabrics.   if your interest in this has been piqued, it's being run again next year--same patterns--for newbies or those on the fence or some who dropped out/fell behind.   even if january is catch up month for me, anxious to get this flimsy done.  hoping to make 2017 a year of wiping out old UFOs....  all in all, have to say in spite of the elephantine challenge, has been interesting and a boon to my machine piecing skills overall regardless of some that are far from perfect.


  1. More pretty blocks, and so weensy, too! I recognize several of those fabrics with delight. Your Kim Diehl table topper from the last post just sparkles with drama in those jewel tones. Good job!

  2. I have really enjoyed watching your progress on this quilt, Grace. It is something I would have loved, with the small blocks, but knew I would never be able to stay with it. So I watch and drool over your blocks. Kudos to you for not giving up! : )

    1. thanks janet but am certain your blocks would be much more precise; but me, i'm used to living with imperfection....LOL

  3. This is going to be a beautiful quilt when you are finished, love that you are using up scraps to make it. I am considering making a similar goal for 2017.......