Friday, November 4, 2016

first friday finish

here we are solidly on the road to thanksgiving and my first november finish!  it's a table runner, pattern by kim diehl....quilted sparsely to hold it together, busting a mere 3/4 yard of fabric in total, but it's done. i think this came from her book "simple blessings".....

it's sitting atop a small bookcase flung to me recently, along with a small end table, that completes my furniture needs for the apartment.  this is in the bedroom holding a small collection of books and a few display items.   the end table is next to my quilting chair, freeing up a tray table that can now function as the dining room, as there is no eating space per se.  all the needed things now are smallish items that will come in time.  since the bed arrived, the echo is gone and it feels like a real home---plenty of sewing space, plenty of living space....feeling very blessed!


  1. I bought that book solely because of that runner on the cover--and I still haven't made it! *LOL*
    Beautiful finish, Grace. It really is warm and cozy looking.
    Nice to hear that you are truly feeling at home.

    1. tantalizing project indeed...thankfully i was able to borrow somebody's book...but it looks like a janet project..

  2. That runner is so nice, it really graces the bookcase to perfection-- in color, pattern and scale. Truly lovely.

  3. Love the runner, but as you know I do love Kim Diehl designs!