Monday, November 3, 2014

so long buggies and bossies....

at least for was a reluctant and somber trip out of lancaster county after a glorious relaxing and fun-filled week of all good things.  with all my stuff loaded into the car plus some local goodies to bring home, i reflected on all that had transpired, not just sewing and shopping, but also a relay fundraiser and reconnection with new, but tried-and-true friends.  it's true i am a city girl and like being close to city diversions, but this time away basking in open spaces and quiet ways invigorated and fed my soul.  ****  the wind is still howling outside and has been all day.  no snow here in CT but in maine there is....glad i brought along my wool winter hat.  it seemed dumb last week but came in handy today.  once i get unpacked i'll show my progress last week, but first gotta find space for "some" new fabric....oh that rue indienne line from moda.  i made a pledge to delete all shop emails from now until march when "union blues" from barbara brackman comes out....and until then, i'm going to be sewing and sewing and get the idea.  say, does anyone know how to attach a sewing machine table to a treadmill? 

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  1. Glad you had this chance for renewal on many levels. I'm excited to see what you have sewn and what you bought. : )
    BTW, I am so not a city girl, but I spent last evening in Salt Lake City at a big fancy, shmancy dinner (at a large hotel) connected with my DH's work. I felt like such a fish out of water.
    *LOL* I got a chuckle from my mental image of you somehow sewing on a treadmill. Now that would be tricky. Let me know if you work it out!! : )