Saturday, November 1, 2014

scrappy shenandoah

this is retreat project #4....a scrappy version of judy martin's shenandoah log cabin.  i had made one of these previously but my sister-in-law really liked it, so it's hers now.  all 16 squares are in the works at once, which i find seems to go quicker than doing one complete square at a time.  it's another of those done whenever projects to use up scraps and will probably get donated someplace at some point.  **** well, it's the last full day of retreat and i for one am consumed with sadness.  the enjoyment and camaraderie i have found in these women has enriched my life in so many ways, more so than some other quilt groups i've attended in the past.  we all have tough things in our lives, but for the most part, they get set aside for one week and we work at having fun.  it's like the perfect positive storm of everything wonderful---gorgeous venue, shared friendships and quilting--doesn't get any better than this.  ***  and what did i see on the news?  snow?  not in maine, thankfully and not here either, so it can just stay wherever it is until march....if only...


  1. Looks like it's going to be another beauty Grace. I'm so pleased to hear that you've enjoyed this year's retreat.

    Sydney, Australia

  2. I don't recall ever seeing a log cabin quilt that has the logs themselves pieced. That would be great to use up lots of little pieces!
    I am so glad your retreat is such a positive experience. It can be a rare thing to find a group that feels so right!

  3. Safe travels my friend! I love your newest header photo, what a great top!