Wednesday, November 5, 2014

first four blocks....

of the scrappy shenandoah log cabin are done!  thanks to michele, i decided to use only dark value strips and i think that makes the pattern easy to see despite the scrappiness.  the sewing space is a mess with strips and blocks everywhere but hoping to finish up the blocks and have the inner portion of the top all together by week's end....then i can concentrate on the border.  this will be a tied quilt as there are too many seams to hand quilt.  with a bit of luck, i could have 2 more finishes of bed size quilts before year's end, this one and the amish center diamond...these and finish the hawaiian applique part is about all i can manage in the remaining less than 2 months.   next machine project is to finish the ocean waves flimsy.  keeping the stash in plain view is a huge motivating factor, that plus it is so enjoyable to me.  mostly keeps me out of the doldrums from feeling trapped here. 


  1. I think the dark scraps was a good idea. This design could get lost in medium values. How fun is this? I've never seen the "Snail's Trail" type design done with log cabin blocks. Who thinks of these things? So clever!
    Sorry you feel trapped, Grace. Hope things swing in your direction soon!

    1. it's the shenandoah log cabin by judy martin, in her book "cookies and quilts"....

  2. The Shenandoah Log Cabin blocks look great together now! When you first showed them, I had trouble seeing the pattern but now it just pops out at me.

  3. Grace, I really like these blocks so far. That looks like a lot of piecing though!!