Thursday, November 6, 2014

mission accomplished

so all 16 blocks of the main top are done and together...and wow, the pattern shows up really well....i like it a lot.  now to start the 4 borders, also done with 1.5" strips and scrappy style.  the 4 corner squares are all done and waiting for the border sections.  ***  cruised over to marcia's site quilterscache and found a nice pattern for my solid yellow, which will be the background.  yellow is a color i hardly use and had seen some quilts using yellow and they really pop.  don't think i'll be starting that right away, though.  wish i hadn't packed away the orange scraps and pattern book for my modern quilt as i'd really like to do that next, but will have to wait.  ***  worked on the hawaiian last night and am thinking this might be finished sooner than originally thought.  fortunately there are plenty other things in progress to fill that void when it comes.  now back to border construction!


  1. YeeeHaw! You're a-piecing like a house afire there, girl! Wow they are so beautiful all together, really nice!

  2. Another scrappy masterpiece Grace. And I am soooo looking forward to seeing the Hawaiian again, I've not made one myself, but was intrigued to follow your initial reports on yours and it will be interesting to see it close to completion.

    Sydney, Australia

  3. Nice job! Your scrappy quilts are always beautiful, but this one even more so. Love it!