Wednesday, November 5, 2014


my trip was actually over 500 miles each WAY, which was still a lot for me to do...i don't mind highway driving but it does get boring after a while.....


  1. Anything more than 100 miles seems like a long drive for me. I suffer from what I refer to as "Highway Hypnosis". After too long (100 miles is about the max) I get sleepy behind the wheel, so I can't go more than an hour or 2 alone. It really curtails my activity, but I know my limits and don't want to be a hazard to myself and others. I envy those who do not deal with this limitation.

  2. Well, you made there and back safely and that's all that I care about, LOL! It still sounds like a lot of driving.

  3. Glad you went to the retreat and glad you are home again! Looking forward to more posts about your quilts.