Friday, November 14, 2014

small sewing

first was to sew up a little amish style piece using up some blocks put together a while back...these are 3" finished and about as small as i make.  i had 13 blocks and used 12, holding the other until more blocks are made someday....maybe.  next is the start of a batik scrappy pineapple piece to see if i can finally use up some batik scraps still on hand after several projects.  i place the inspiration for these solely on bonnie hunter as a few years ago she showed her tiny scrappy pineapple blocks and i was immediately sucked in, smitten and totally over the moon.  she is a serious enabler for sure, but the very best kind.  only planning on 25 of these, providing my scraps hold out that long.  ***  these little projects took my mind off our first snowfall with more in the forecast.  it was inevitable and not the end of the world by any means, but it is a nuisance and one must bear up living here in new england.  and judging by the country's weather map, could be a lot worse.  *** and the very best news is saved for last.....the applique on the hawaiian is completely done, done, done!  this means it will next get basted and hopefully start quilting before the end of the year.  first, though, must rack up a couple more finishes from the 2014 UFO list.  have started more projects to be added to the 2015 list, so doubt it will be any shorter next year but there is progress of sorts.  *** while in pennsylvania touring back roads, saw a sign in front of a church saying "too blessed to complain" and am hoping to keep this in my mind all the time.  despite disappointments and setbacks, my life is rich in so many ways.....


  1. Love your quilts Grace and enjoy your posts..........

  2. Nice looking little Amish quilt and good luck with your pretty pineapples! It is good to set aside small peeves and enjoy the very best of what we have here before us. Thank you for sharing the church sign's words!

  3. Congrats on completing the applique on your Hawaiian! Still remember how stunning that is--loved seeing it in person last year. : )
    You know I love both of your projects pictured here!
    I was gifted batik scraps by two other bloggers, and I snagged a bunch of them from a scrap basket in a quilt shop. After making 4 minis and a lap quilt with them, they could probably use a new home. Would you like them? Not a ton left, but they'd get a few blocks done. : )
    Really like the thought from the church sign!

    1. no thanks...i might have to MAKE more blocks....LOL

  4. Love the little Amish mini. And please - a pic of the Hawaiian?? Pretty please?

    Sydney, Australia

  5. So pretty! I envision a border (for the Amish 9p) that is a strip of black, 1.5 brights sewn in a long string, and a strip of black.