Wednesday, November 12, 2014

scrappy alphabet

this sew along is nearing its end, so thought i would show my progress to date.  this is being done completely out of my scrap basket.  the great thing about taking photos is that i can see the letter "O" must be replaced as the fabric used isn't that defined.  have no destination for this little wallhanging but no doubt an occasion will arise at some point and make a nice gift. ***  it's my friday today and it's been a challenging short week trying to stave off a serious cold/respiratory illness.  in addition to sewing progress, my christmas gift list got finalized.  no big plans for any of the upcoming holidays, just relax and enjoy.  with plenty of sewing projects and more than enough fabric on hand, that should be easy peasy.....


  1. It's adorable! And I do agree with you that the "O" should be reworked for the best clarity. I like that neutral yellow sashing as it's neither pink nor blue.

  2. Very fun quilt!
    Good call on the " O". : )

  3. Another vote for changing the "O", good call on the lack of contrast. That's a great thing about taking pictures, you get to see this stuff before you are finished. Was wracking my poor brain trying to figure out the letter between the "o" and "p", then it dawned on me that it was a spacer block LOL. Maybe another cup of coffee will smarten me up.... or not.