Sunday, November 9, 2014

inchie sewing

it started simply enough by trying to clear off the sewing table....i came across a baggie of inchies given to me at retreat by michele...wondering how long it might take to sew them up into little strips, less than an hour later they are sewn into pairs and some into foursies...but chain piecing can get boring and besides, the sewing table is STILL in need of a clear off, so i'll put these aside with other inchies for another time or maybe later today.  the main project is borders for the shenandoah log cabin PLUS a little quilt project that has been percolating.  and yes, the hawaiian is coming along.  i've just about finished the last large cluster of fronds and heading into a short section that will finish the applique part.  and some time today, will get another alphabet letter is "S" so it's a serendipity sewing day, cloudy and cold outside but bright and busy inside. 


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  2. Oh Grace - I love spending time with small squares, making postage-stamp style quilts. But you're absolutely correct: you can invest a lot of time and have made only a tiny dent in the piles lying around on your work table and the mountain of scraps waiting patiently to be included in a project. I've got a pretty large stash - not as large as some folk but pretty big all the same - and yet I find myself wanting to work with small squares, which means that I'm making very little inroad into the fabric mountain in the cupboard. LOL

    Sydney, Australia

    1. so true megan, i find i spend a lot of sewing time trying to use up scraps when the yardage never gets touched...

  3. Oh, Grace, your reply above describes the loop I am caught in. That is how so many minis get started at my house!

  4. Ahhh, those little scraps that just need a place to be have an almost irresistable appeal, don't they? And then the bright scattered confetti looking result when they are all sewn together has instant charm. Scraps are wonderful!