Thursday, November 13, 2014

civil war coup

it was a battle of sorts but finally won and got this little block finished finally.  part of the reason was when i printed the foundation, i didn't do reverse and so when it was first sewn, was totally opposite from the original block.  i took it apart and tried to tweak it but had to start over with a new foundation, not to mention some dedicated time to have the book open in front of me while sewing it together.   no, haven't picked this project up again but the block was languishing on the sewing table and had to be corrected before the table could get cleared.  have been working my way to seeing the top of the table all week and getting this done is progress.  ***  today is miscellaneous sewing stuff day to get the table top cleared first, then focus on the borders for shenandoah.  later on will get back to the hawaiian as well.  planning to use up some tiny amish 9-patch blocks put together with scraps into a small wall piece which will get the blocks off the table as well.  so all of today's minutes are planned and will be used up for sewing and relaxing fun....all in all a delish day off!


  1. You are dedicated. I think I would have left the block in reverse form. : )
    You did a great job replicating the colors.
    I am interested to see the "tiny Amish 9-patch blocks".

  2. I love the fabrics that you chose for the Civil War block! Now, who would've known that the block was reversed? Well, you would! So I guess that it's good that you re-did it so that you are completely satisfied. It is beautiful!