Wednesday, November 19, 2014

up to date

the little alphabet sew-along is up to date as of today when the "V" instructions were posted.  also switched out the middle section of  "O" making it more distinguishable.  only 4 more letters and can finish off this little whimsy flimsy, get it basted and quilted for a someday donation.  *** border #2 is on the shenandoah log cabin so this project is on track for a soon finish.  it'll be tied and also probably donated at some point.  *** lastly, quilting the border of amish center diamond is now going on.  this one should also be a finish before the end of the year.  when done, it's going on my bed as a switch off for the scrappy pinwheel now being used.  the batting is part wool so it should be warm enough for any vicious winter maine can dish out.  *** that's all the quilty news from this lake woebegone.  keeping busy is keeping some family concerns at bay, praying for a soon resolution...but not complaining at all...still so many things for which to be thankful all year round, not just november. 


  1. Oh, hooray, the letter "O" looks so happy now to be clearly seen! It is the dearest child's quilt.

  2. Good call on the "O"--visually more clear now.
    It is just as sweet as can be.
    Sorry there are worries on the family front. Hope things resolve soon!