Saturday, September 13, 2014

wouldn't you?

was out on a mini-shop hop yesterday with an internet friend and she took me to 2 new-to-me shops in her area.  both small, both out in the country, both with lovely fabric but that is where similarities stop.  this shop, BOLT, carries an eclectic collection of fabrics--batiks, mods, geometric, solids, blenders, all colorful, and no repros to be seen.  i saw many that i really liked.  the second, ANNIE'S, was chock full of repros, mostly civil war, plus wool, kim diehl colors,  shirtings, batiks and solids too. she also had lots of sale fabrics and these FQs were $1, a good deal in any quilter's book.  the blue print is 1.25 yards and will make a gorgeous border for something.  so, what would you have done here?  i thought so too. and just so this post isn't all about fabric, i've included my "B" alphabet block all done.  **** weekend is over and can list a UFO finish so all is good.  next up is marcus bros sew-along block and sunday brings another alphabet block.  the rest of the month is dedicated to finishing a donation quilt and end of summer chores.  the beach bag is repacked and ready for any beach days to come.  circadian rhythms reluctantly adjusting to shortening daylight and plans for veggie cooking for the freezer in full swing as growing season winds down. everyone is in full pumpkin mode waiting for the official start to autumn and me?  all this plus gearing up for retreat....42 days away!


  1. Nice finds!
    I think I would love Annie's!

  2. Annie's looks like a really nice place to visit and your choices are so pretty! Paisley's always make my knees weak, LOL!