Tuesday, September 9, 2014

scrappy sew along

i know, the marcus bros sew-along isn't finished yet (almost) and here is another!  the temecula quilt company is having an alphabet sew-along.  was going to pass on this one but the scrap baskets are staring me in the face here in the sewing cave and thought this would be an ideal project to bust at lease SOME of them....though i realize, not that many will actually disappear.  these blocks finish at 4" and the entire piece is less than 40" length or width.  so if you have lots of little scraps floating around (yes, i see those hands), then this might be a quick and beneficial sew-along.  mine is going to be super scrappy and might even have some kid-friendly prints.  no destination in mind for this finished wallhanging, but no doubt a situation will arise at some point that will be perfect for a sesame street primer.  ***  another chilly morning here in coastal maine, though the sun is shining brightly and we are eager for more of its warming rays.  household chores are done for at least a few days, so today is devoted to a few errands and some sewing, of course.  am closing in on another finish, a wallhanging that hasn't seen the light of day for eons, but should be off the list by week's end.  in the meantime....keep calm and quilt on!


  1. You get an "A+" for effort... quilt on! Don't forget... the "B" appears tomorrow. So happy that we're sewing along together, this is going to be such a cute quilt!

  2. This is a fun SAL, and I came so close to joining, but I finally talked myself out of it. I am always in over my head and so easily distracted. But I will be happy to watch your progress. : )

  3. It was a beautiful day, spent most of it stacking wood, soon my days will include more sewing! I was just thinking I would finally start a Bonnie Hunter quilt with my large scrap piles, just need to decided which one, and it will be very scrappy!