Wednesday, September 10, 2014

this week's project - part 2

actually, this will probably be NEXT week's project, since this week a wallhanging needs a binding but remains to be seen.  my retreat gal pals will or SHOULD recognize this pattern from last year.  yes, i confess, haven't touched it since then but will remedy the situation very soon.  am planning on donating this quilt to bob's blankie brigade so it WILL be finished and riding with me to PA next month.  totally scrappy, the black outlining replaced with the gold, it will keep some deserving somebody warm in the cold days ahead, not to mention busting more stash as it's totally scrappy.  *** in the meantime, today is brought to you by the letter "B", the next little square in the sew-along.  as i look at the scrap baskets, realize i could probably make 3 alphabet quilts--at least--with what is on hand.  *** today is my friday, so ahead is a couple of cool days ideal for sewing and doing most anything.  aside from grocery shopping, hoping to do just locate those wool socks and fleece pants...yeah, it's gonna be THAT cool. 


  1. I am curious to see the different look this quilt will have with the lighter value on those frames.
    Enjoy your "Friday"! : )

  2. Love the golden strips that look sort of like basketry to me. I love collecting baskets to hold blocks and fabrics! Sure hope you picked up some chicken and Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce to divest yourself of "picnic envy," LOL!

  3. Looks like another beautiful quilt in the making!

  4. that is going to be a great quilt.
    my husband would love to surf that wave you have pictured in your header.
    thanks for stopping by my blog. good luck in my giveaway.

    1. that photo was taken during a hurricane about 2 yrs ago....usually the weather is cloudy and rainy, but this one the sun was shining bright and it was quite hot, about 85 degrees...i think it was about 10 feet or so, unusual for around here...

  5. As I was scrolling and enjoying your photos I came to this one and thought to myself "Gee that looks familiar" I agree with Vic, it will look like a basket and I can't wait to see it in person. Just 44 days now!