Sunday, September 7, 2014

over the hump....

with the completion of block 6 in the marcus bros. sew-along, closing in on the finish...only 4 weeks to go and will have completed this short-term project.  when it was started, it slipped my mind that i'd be busy getting ready for retreat but have to muddle along.  the blocks themselves don't take too much time, but doubt will have it quilted since i only hand quilt.  **** have put the hawaiian aside temporarily to finish up a wallhanging trying to bust more stash.  this month will also finish a donation UFO that should help.  between now and end of december, will finish at least one more bed size quilt i think.....the amish center diamond that only needs 3 border sides quilted and then bound.  still hoping to finish the applique on the hawaiian by year's end though. *** on the subject of busting stash, currently have added 132 yards this year and busted just about 53, so that is respectable progress i think.  trouble is, i know i will add to the pile on retreat....part of the fun don't ya know!


  1. I really like this block--and just realized I never downloaded the pattern.
    Thanks for the reminder.
    I don't even attempt to keep track of the flow of fabric in and out of my sewing room. I have more fun not knowing. : )

  2. Hiya Grace! Your block is beautiful, good job! Thanks for your moral support as I wade through computer woes. As for the fabrics, I'm with Janet!