Monday, September 8, 2014

this week's project...part 1

the deadline is looming to send in these blocks, so now that i've gotten my last blue batik, can sit down and get them all done in one fell swoop.  even though the finished blocks look more green than blue, in person they are a blue.  if you use batiks, you know how tricky it can be to define an actual color sometimes, but they have been approved by the swap hostess so they are good to go.   the green mat isn't helping either.  ***  had a lovely sunday picnicking at a local park where we grilled burgers and dogs and soaked up some sun and surf....a bit cool to swim for me but kids don't care and many were in the water.  i confess to a bad case of picnic envy.  our menu was grilled burgers and dogs, some fresh corn and sliced cukes/tomatoes....healthy and fresh and delish, right?  well, i was happy until a family arrived nearby grilling dogs and burgers, but also sausage, BBQ chicken, steak...the chicken smelled soooo good.  immediately i was green with BBQ envy, i wanted some. they also had salads, fruit, lemonade, some sort of cake...i vowed then and there we would return soon and bring some chicken....LOL!  *** a sunny monday here in maine, coolish but really nice.  now that my blog and yahoo group tasks are done, can go and tackle some household stuff.  then it'll be me and the old viking until early afternoon.  and what's for lunch?  why, leftover grilled burgers and dogs of course! 


  1. Very pretty batiks. I will be interested to see what you end up with when all is swapped and done.
    Sounds like you had a great picnic. Hope you get some chicken soon! : )

  2. I love BBQ dogs and burgers! Sounds like a delightful time with family. This is a beautiful block. Have a great week!