Saturday, July 28, 2012

a finish!

i finished binding my batik pinwheel runner yesterday.  the photo was taken vertical so ignore the background.  i have one more of these pinwheel runners to quilt and bind, good olympic watching work.  **** just back from maine quilts and i am so overwhelmed due to the many, many beautiful quilts.  i did take some photos but have to sort them out and will certainly post.  i took a half-day class in hand quilting to get some pointers from an expert and i wasn't disappointed.  one thing that caused some dismay is the lack of crowds, not sure if i just missed them or if the turnout was indeed lower than in previous years.  and i came away with only one-half yard of fabric for a planned project.  with lancaster firmly in my mind, i am formulating my list for october instead.  summer is 2/3rds over and no doubt the rest will fly by as well.  last year we had good weather right thru november and we'll take that again this year too. 


  1. Yeay! You must be doing the happy dance to have scored such a fine-looking finish! Glad that your class was worthwhile for you, too.

  2. Looks really good, Grace.
    Only 1/2 yard of fabric? You are so good! I'm impressed. : )
    I hope you will be able to share some photos of the show.