Monday, July 23, 2012

12 hexie flowers

got 'em all done!  they are all ready for october's little quilt challenge; kinda cute too!  but on to the next project, which is finish quilting a tablerunner and prep some hourglass units for THIS month's little quilt.  one of the shirtings i got last week will be used for the background.  i'm also working on ocean wave units, hoping to use up more solids before october's trip to Lancaster.  **** can't tell you how enjoyable it is to get up a day after being at the beach and have no sunburn, no pain, no misery.  for years i tried to get that coppertone tan, never realizing that with my skin type it was never going to happen.  finally, i gave up and succumbed to hats, sunscreen, shirts and long pants if necessary to avoid sunburn.  i enjoy the beach just as much, if not more, only i no longer care how silly i might look with various modes of coverup.  **** so, off to jot down a few "must do" tasks and goals for the week. 


  1. Very cute little hexies.
    I hear you on the "Coppertone tan" thing. Couldn't get one no matter how I tried. Finally gave up as a teenager, though. Friends would lay out in their backyards, rubbed with baby oil, and I would stay inside and read.

  2. Love your hexies and your quilting