Sunday, July 22, 2012

beach day

yeah, this was my view until about 1 pm today when it got too windy to really enjoy flying sand.  didn't even put up our umbrella, but while it lasted it was really nice.  the water was warm and wavy due to incoming tide.  brought my sewing but because of wind, was impossible to even thread a needle.  no matter, it was a truly relaxing time.  a short stop for ice cream--chocolate truffle raspberry--and then back to the complex for shower, shampoo and siesta!


  1. Nice, except for the wind, so refreshing to sit on the beach, and the ice cream sounds like a good idea too

  2. Chocolate Truffle Raspberry? Really? You are my kind of people!
    DD#1 and her DH were at the beach near Portland, Maine yesterday. They said it was a perfect beach day. I thought to myself, "where have I heard that term before?" (We don't use it much in landlocked Utah.) Then I remembered--Grace's blog! : )

  3. I'm green with envy. I'm basically a beach person - how I got stuck in the midwest is beyond me. The ice cream sounds awesome.