Sunday, July 29, 2012

little flimsy

so the little indigo flimsy is ready for basting and quilting....but not quite yet.  i'm putting these aside and going to have another basting day at some point.  **** it's cloudy, muggy and rainy here today so no beach day, even though i think every day is a beach day.  nonetheless, it is time for phoebe and i to play so once i get ready for the day and tidy up a bit plus clear the decks and put the old viking aside, it's more featherweight fun.  **** on the sewing side of things, i'm working on another UFO that has a bit of applique, which is perfect for olympic watching.  there is also another project that is nearly at the flimsy stage, also with some applique work that is now done.  with a whole day ahead of me, want to make sure i spend every minute wisely.  because that's the thing about time, it passes whether or not it's used.  as meryl streep said recently, "i see 20 year-olds who are bored, i don't see any 60 year-olds who are bored," and i couldn't agree more, meryl!

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  1. Very cute, Grace. How big are the hourglass blocks?