Friday, July 27, 2012

paid in plaids

yesterday evening was the opening reception of maine quilts for 2012.  this is the first time i have attended, despite going to the show many times.  since i was going up to augusta anyway, i volunteered to pick up a teacher at the airport and transport her to the show.  saves someone having to drive down to portland--60+ miles--and then back.  as a volunteer i received 2 FQs donated by marden's.  last year i drove a teacher back at the end of the show and the selection was pretty poor (yes, i did use that heinous blue rick-rack print) but this year i got to choose from the entire collection and found these luscious plaids without having to deconstruct any shirts!  i've got plans for each already.  the star print was in my tote bag.  i think that'll make a cute baby quilt with some black/white checkerboards in the border.  it's going to be a rainy weekend, so perhaps attendance will be higher than normal.  **** i've got my handwork projects lined up for olympic watching the next few weeks.  first up is to bind the batik runner and revise that UFO list.  but miscellaneous tasks are calling....


  1. Love those plaids! Maybe we should make cotton quilting fabric the legal tender of the world? Think of how rich all we fabric hoarders would be!

  2. I hope we will be hearing more about "Maine Quilts".
    My two 20-something sons will be in Portland next week for some concert. They will also be visiting their sister in NH and a cousin in CT. Wish I was going to be in their luggage somehow. : )