Tuesday, August 8, 2017

vacation needlework..

don't think i've put aside some handwork while on vacation...brought along this ancient UFO to see if can get it closer to finish...

got all stems and leaves appliqued down, part of the basket, ready to finish basket and move on to bunny #2....good progress considering.  *** and the serious rain has finally arrived.  locals are happy for their gardens, and it's still warm so not crimping my plans at all--and truly it was needed.  ***  and august is birthday month for me, and again this year so blessed to have a birthday blueberry pie made by mum.  even tho the exact day is later, we celebrated early....being with family is always a reason to celebrate!

won't be long before maryland will be on the horizon, but it's been a perfectly full and magical time here in new england--it just doesn't feel like home anymore, though, and will be glad to be there soon....


  1. Mmmm, blueberry pie! That's a great souvenir of a splendid vacation.

  2. Happy Birthday, always special to have a treat made by mom........

  3. Your ancient UFO is very cute.
    Oh, yum--the pie looks scrumtious. Glad you have had a magical time and that you know where "home" is. :)