Saturday, August 5, 2017

nearly ready to sew...

but first, have to get back to my stash and pull some of those luscious kaffe reds and magentas and then find or fashion some sort of pattern for my snapdragon garden...all washed and dried thanks to mum!

marden's total was 3.75 yards for a mere $4.27 per....pretty darn good!  the left most peeking out is a garden print gifted to me by denise...she is a gardening guru...and a chickens....she is one busy bee herself!  ***  for our seaside lobster bake last tuesday, everything got packed EXCEPT the pot to cook lobsters!!  so we improvised this way with perfect result...a bit of a smoky taste to the lobsters but with drawn butter hardly noticeable, and much less watery than cooking in water....channeling the early settlers no doubt...

for lunch today, we finished the last with a couple of yummy rolls.  *** and while i'm here, doing some cooking to stock mum's freezer.....first up, fresh corn fritters!

tomorrow is spaghetti sauce sunday and on monday some cinnamon rolls....and finally, gray clouds have arrived after a spectacular long run of perfect days....rain probably later and tomorrow but we are done sightseeing so we don't we will just spend time together, mum the sibs and i, until departure date and back home to my cozy apartment and southern living...the best of both worlds indeed!


  1. Very pretty selection of fabrics. I used to grow lots of snapdragons, and those pinks and yellows are perfect.
    Lobster with a bit of smoky taste actually sounds delicious to me.
    Good of you to stock your Mom's freezer. I'm sure she appreciates that.
    Sounds like you have had the perfect vacation. I'm glad it worked out so well for you!

    1. thanks janet....better than i could have wanted...

  2. What beautiful fabrics and such a good buy! Glad you're having a wonderful vacation.