Friday, August 11, 2017

small space decorating

the adorable doll quilt made by vic has found a home!

my vintage sled sits in a corner adorned with several little quilts....the sled had once belonged to my grandmother grace, my mother's mother, who died at age 21....leaving behind a long-grieving family and her only little girl just a toddler.  i cannot fathom such a loss being so very blessed to have my mom still hale and hearty.   ***  finally got some sewing time in still plugging away at the revamped border of the scrappy 9-patch, vowing to "git er done" before tackling something else.  now that groceries are in, my days are free to sew....more blessings!


  1. How sweet! I love the look of little quilts draped over vintage "stuff" and the memories of your little sled make it all the more perfect. Glad you are home safe and sound and getting some sewing time!

  2. What a great piece of family history you have there. And it makes a perfect little quilt holder. :)