Thursday, August 10, 2017

home again!

after 12+ hours on various transportation, arrived home last night to a huge stack of mail and my own bed.  so very glad gave the apartment a thorough clean before i left....first thing this AM, went right to my stash and pulled some nice magentas and reds for snapdragons!

next task is the pattern and i might just have one in abook someplace...that's the next step.  *** meanwhile, here at the ranch it's grocery and unpack day....and probably a nap?  could be....


  1. Welcome back home, Grace! I sure did enjoy seeing you!
    Those magenta and hot pinks are perfect for your snapdragons quilt!

  2. No matter how much you may enjoy a trip, I think it always feels good to get back to your own space. Welcome home.
    Looks like a lovely snapdragon garden in the making!