Saturday, June 17, 2017

side job

spent friday morning doing more of my secret sewing, but then dug out a piece of fabric for a chair seat cover...

this was found at the recent free yard sale.  it just needed a quick cleanup and a new seat cover.   thanks to my trusty staple gun!   i know, it's a 50s chair with a civil war cover but it works... i would like to paint it, but don't want to take time now to sand, etc.  ***  in addition to the secret sewing, pulled out a nearly flimsy and began adding the borders  so it can be moved to the ever-growing finish pile.  it, too, will be a donation quilt at some point.  ***  summer heat is here in force and sooo thankful for my cozy apartment and having my sewing stuff at hand.  making good progress on my summer goals so far and, despite numerous temptations from quilty peeps on the 'net, have ignored and avoided even brief sew along behind on my DWR challenge but there was no deadline and it's at hand when time is available....nothing to do but keep cool and quilt on!


  1. Nice job on the chair. What color would you paint it?
    You are good to donate so many quilts.
    I think I just caved on a SAL, but then I said that once before this year and never started it, so maybe I haven't really caved. : )

  2. not sure what color....nothing that goes with the cover

  3. I think it looks awesome like that ❤️

  4. Your spruced up chair looks very fine! Good job!