Tuesday, June 13, 2017

getting ready

to celebrate a huge anniversary in our country's history...it's the 240th of flag day...tomorrow...and in preparation, sewed up another little RWB pin cushion or tuffet...

thanks to a quilty pal who shared her stars fabric with me....and here they all are!

pretty darn cute i think...and very festive....already this morning we're closing in on 90 degrees and more humid today than yesterday...no matter at all...so much better than icy roads, snowy cars and frozen fingers....made a huge dent in scraps pile that was on the floor...nearly gone and repurposed into squares and strips.  still have the full basket for another day....today it's more sewing, of course!


  1. Long may she wave! Your pinnies are very pretty and patriotic. Stay cool and remember, as you sew, that today is National Sewing Machine day... you're observing that in the best possible way!

  2. Knowing how much I love little things, and patriotic things, it is a given that I LOVE that little patriotic pincushion!
    That is a basket full of fun. : )

  3. Spectacular! Happy Flag Day to you!!

  4. Great little patriotic piecing on the tuffets! Happy Flag Day to you too! Sorry that it's so sultry there but not much better here in NH, either;85° at 6pm!

  5. They are very cute and very patriotic. Well done!