Monday, June 19, 2017

lessons learned

spent sunday finishing borders on this flimsy.  after completed, took a photo and was not too happy....even though i followed instructions for cutting the triangles, the bias edges ended up top and bottom of the inner border and created havoc.

as you can see, the side borders aren't too wonky, but top and bottom horrific!  nothing else to do but recut making sure bias edges not at top or bottom where the border attached to squares and 2nd border.  decided to leave the sides since although not great, not nearly as bad.  so, after recutting triangles, resewing and reattaching top border, found another problem...

the top redone is better but still not great.  realized some of the issue had to be the way the borders were cut.  now, i usually always cut across the width of fabric....never been an issue until today.  went and checked the leftover yardage and it appears that while the lengthwise grain is firm, the width is a bit stretchy.  i never checked before cutting the borders....i never really have before this.  had no problem with the blocks construction.  i could remove the outer borders and replace with another fabric BUT that means disturbing the side border triangles that DO have bias edges.  either way am afraid it'll possibly be worse off than it is now.  it was going to be donated, but perhaps i'll just tie it and tuck it away for a beach way can i simply toss all that effort and fabric.  there is a use for it somehow....but pretty sure it's the last time i cut borders across the width and not down the length....thankfully no real harm done....i've done pieced borders before, even sawtooth ones, without this much must be the outer borders causing most of the i have often told my daughter, live and learn!


  1. I am so sorry that this pretty quilt had border issues.
    I took a class once just on borders, and I learned a lot. One thing that stood out to me was the very issue you encountered--that the crosswise grain is stretchy, whereas the lengthwise grain is not. Since that class, whenever I can I buy the border in length of the fabric. I often have lots of leftovers, but it avoids the stretchy edges I had struggled with at times. However, my finances do not always allow buying the length just to avoid the stretch. : )
    Have you considered removing the triangle border too and just putting a plain border on? That might be painful, though, after all the work that went into those triangles.

    1. i hate to remove the triangles...they really enhance the otherwise so-so blocks...but i will replace the other triangle side AND i have some leftover pieces and will piece a new border to see how that's not a loss, just a repurpose is all...thanks for the info...i originally bought 3 yards so i did have enough had i realized...

  2. How frustrating! The triangle border really enhances the quilt design, too. Hope you can figure out a solution without having to put overmuch effort into it.

  3. Love the layout and borders bugger they don't sit right.....

  4. Uh oh! "Friendly borders" that wave to you are never welcome on a quilt top. Hope you can solve this because the top is so pretty!