Wednesday, June 14, 2017

it's flag day and....

today would have been my dad's 92nd birthday....and who knew, he shares this day with (gulp) president trump!!!!   have no idea what my dad would have thought about!  he's been gone now 15 years...time does fly....a WW II  veteran of utah beach in july of 1944, he talked very little about his war experiences....we had a gazillion photos of GIs, none of whom he could name.  he only talked about being in Paris and seeing bing crosby, not bob hope...and of course, at mealtime we often got reminded of children rummaging thru garbage to get enough to eat.  as kids we just rolled our eyes trying to imagine anyone rummaging thru garbage to eat lima beans or brussel sprouts... 

he only liked 2 kinds of pie--hot and cold!  on his birthday, my mom would make his favorite dessert, a plain cake layered with strawberries and whipped cream...he was our family photographer/ videographer and he drove us crazy taking pictures/movies all the time, but now we are so happy he did.  he taught me how to drive a standard shift car, which obviously hastened his too-early demise...

he was a simple, uncomplicated, country boy, a godly man and a true hero....happy birthday dad!


  1. A lovely tribute to one of a great generation of patriots!

  2. What a wonderful memorial to your Dad! Among his other accomplishments, he raised great children like you.

  3. Happy Birthday to your dad, sounds like someone I would have enjoyed meeting.