Wednesday, June 21, 2017

sum-sum summertime!

though it's already been summer here in maryland for a bit, now it's official with temps in the high 80s every day...spent tuesday doing more of my secret sewing, but last night during quilt-cam got the binding cut and applied on this little wallhanging i'll be sending off to my mum for her door. 

if you recall, the patchwork block looked wonky because of the pattern in one of the fabrics, so i pulled it out and replaced it with this, which is better.  *** today's task is to finish the borders on the 9-patch flimsy, maybe do some baking, maybe more laundry. organizing bug into overdrive so cleaned out the laptop of any extraneous files, went thru recipe book and did likewise, next up is my box of documents.  plus there's dusting (still) and more secret sewing...who knew not working was so busy?  hoping to clear out one more UFO drawer before June is gone....and it's another gorgeous day to sew!


  1. Your wall hanging is adorable! The lobsters in the print are perfect for Maine. Hope your Mom hangs it on the outside of her door so all her neighbors get to enjoy it also.

  2. I love the lobster print as the background. And that is a very fun Summer door hanger. I'll bet your Mum will love it.
    I don't think everyone who isn't working is as productive with their time as you are, Grace. But I admire those of you who are. It isn't easy for everyone to stay on tasks when there is no time clock or supervision. You are a great example of self-motivation!

    1. well thanks janet but quite frankly, not much else to do...housework takes little time, no one else to cook or clean up for, no money to run the roads soooo...but i am blessed to have this much free time....

  3. Wonderful wallhanging and your Mom will love it! Good for you for all your indoor organizing!