Tuesday, June 20, 2017

"she folded her napkin"

i love that line from the movie "the miracle worker" when annie sullivan's efforts resulted in improved table manners and helen's mother exclaims, "she folded her napkin!"  it's one of my favorite movies and truly defines the word 'handicap'...if anyone had reason for a life-long pity party, helen keller did, but her challenges never held her back.  anyway i digress.....monday was definitely housework day....tackled vacuuming, laundry, floors, plus sundry other cleaning tasks...and the sewing area was not exempt....she finally cleaned off the sewing table (to paraphrase)...

doesn't it look user friendly now?  i also removed the risers off the ironing table for ease of use.  since my new chair has no wheels, it works better and easier to have the table lower, since i can't wheel over to iron...i also moved the old viking to the edge of its table and created a sewing L, which also gives me more mat space.  will try it out, but think it'll be more conducive to sewing productivity...and first task is to tackle that 2nd border of triangles....i think i have enough fabric left for the outer border fix, at least on one side....it'll never be a silk purse quilt, but hopefully can elevate it from sow's ear status....then have to move on to more secret sewing and also a new little project from some orange mod waste triangles.   ***  today is dusting day and perhaps a bit more laundry too...something about a clean space that energizes me....and did i mention?  it's a beautiful summer morning!


  1. Looks clean and oh so inspiring! I'm not sure I could get anything done if it were too organized! I love the Miracle Worker too.

  2. I, too, love The Miracle Worker. I know I have 2 versions--maybe 3. Is there a third version? : )
    Will you come organize my sewing space now? It has become very disorganized and is not conducive to creativity. Your area looks very good. Maybe I'll come sew there.