Thursday, August 11, 2016

back on track

after a mini-detour, today printed up the most recent blocks and got these done today....looking pretty good i think...can definitely see improvement in my machine piecing efforts...

up to august 4th, but you can see that a few hours of sewing is really productive.  but before these got sewn, westering women block 7 was put together, so current on something at least...

and inbetween went shopping in my stash. while trolling the internet and various blogs, stumbled on a christmas sew along, 25 blocks measuring 6" finished....pulling these helped quick start my mojo.  would like to participate in this christmas sew-along, but ultimately hinges on other fall sure was fun shopping anyway....aren't they pretty?  

and thanks to the camera, see that the turquoise is a bit too dark so back to the store...LOL!


  1. Nice progress there and the Westering Women is beautiful! I think you may be right about the turquoise, though.

  2. thanks vic! always appreciate your visiting my blog and commenting!

  3. Your little blocks look really good. Fun to study the fabric combos.
    Your stash yields some really pretty Christmas prints--hope you can find the lighter turquoise you want when you go "shopping" again. : )

  4. Love your 365 Blocks. I'll have to look your archive to see more of them. I'm glad to see some one making these block that is actually ahead of me lol. Thanks for the head's up on Aug. 22th. (So far away lol) I haven't done my WW block either. Thanks for reminding me. I really like your rendition of the Courthouse Rock. Love the fabric you've picked for the new (?) project. Enjoy! ;^)