Saturday, August 13, 2016

horse before cart....

while clearing off the ironing table, happened to glance over and saw an unfinished christmas project from last year--the 12 days of christmas tiny blocks--and realized that planning yet another christmas project was putting the cart before the horse, so pulled out the 12 days and did some auditioning to get this into a flimsy and then a finish for ? maybe august ? september...

these blocks are tiny, meaning 3" the 365 blocks....and shopped the stash once more for a suitable green....they all work but leaning toward upper left or upper right.   basting table is still up, so now that scraps under control, a basting day is on tap for sometime next week.   ***  it seems like i've sewn a tremendous amount this year but without enough finishes to support the effort.   makes me realize just how much sewing time the 365 has consumed.   more discouraging is the measly yardage busted as many of the actual finishes were small pieces, not all big quilts.  so, with 4.5 months left in 2016, maybe can get at least a couple of bigger quilts done and rack up a respectable use of actual fabric.  in any case, enjoying the process and whatever doesn't get used will still be there for shopping and sewing fun.   


  1. You are still making some very good progress on your projects......I just started cutting into some shirts, getting ready to make a memory quilt for a woman that lost her son earlier this year, glad that I am able to use my God given talents to comfort someone.

  2. That will be a pretty quilt.
    How are you holding up in this humid hot weather?.my poor Mr. comes home dragging.

    1. staying inside...that's how...LOL...had to be outside yesterday but only is oppressive...but it's typical maryland summer weather so i'm place to be until tues...

  3. Well, that was a fun discovery. What a sweet little Christmas creation that will be!

  4. Love this one! So pretty. What is your other Christmas one you are going to do?