Wednesday, August 10, 2016

double vision?

not really, if you look close that is....both wall pieces are now flimsies and there were 4 little 9-patch squares left that have gone into the orphan block pile.  really like how they turned out....finishes for 2017 maybe? 

and a heartwarming sight empty scrap basket!   i'll be needing a new rotary cutter blade, and all the little units have been put away in their shoeboxes....will be cruising for patterns for 2.5" strips and squares as that shoebox is chock full now.  

ventured outside for a very few minutes as the bookmobile was here.   this is a fantastic comes twice a month and all i have to do is reserve stuff online and pick it up.  today's haul was 4 dvds and 3 books.   didn't dawdle as it was quite hot and oppressive.  ***  next task?  print out sew-along block instructions and start sewing!  


  1. You are having fun, aren't you!
    Two great looking little tops--and BTW, the feathered star in your header photo is gorgeous.

  2. So that is what an empty basket looks like. I will have to start working on mine! Love these tops!

  3. Love those quarter square triangle settings for the two sister quilts! Not so blah now, are they? you've been so busy and productive!