Tuesday, August 9, 2016

between blocks

doesn't mean there isn't anything to sew....au contraire!!  this piece has been on the design wall almost since i moved in 4 months ago and it was overdue for a finish, well the flimsy anyway. 

this is midnight garden wallhanging....the beautiful fabric was gifted to me by a maine friend over a year ago when i "thought" i was going to be moving soon....this is an homage to her, someone whose life is challenging every day, but yet finds solace and peace in her cozy, chic, country home, her garden, chickens and bees!   she is the living image of the proverbs 31 woman, someone who wears many hats and finds time to quilt as well.   in spite of her personal burdens, she took time to console me in my disappointment and homelessness with a thoughtful devotional book that i use every day and have gifted to others as well.   am always inspired of how much she accomplishes and how she just takes on every day with a smile and positivity.  she is often confined at home, but has made delicious lemonade out of pretty sour lemons....a fine example to us all!   then there is this piece that got revamped....

you might recall a piece some time ago made with just the nine-patch squares and it was blah to the max!  so, deconstructed and added in some hourglass blocks and am more satisfied with the outcome...enough blocks for 2 of these, this one with the gold fabric on the sides and the next will have the red fabric on the sides.  so no longer languishing in blocks limbo.   all this while watching "hinterland" on netflix.....terrific shows indeed!  ****  tackled the scrap basket once again last night when olympic watching and making progress but not empty yet...stay tuned!


  1. You continue to amaze me, the Midnight wall hanging is absolutely stunning!

    1. thanks denise. goal was to do those lovely fabrics justice...

  2. What a sweet quilt top and sweet story about your friend. I love the reconstructed 9-patch!

  3. Sounds like you have a very special friend. What a wonderful example to us all! Midnight Garden is a lovely top!
    I give a vote of support to your deconstruction project. Your re-creation has great visual interest and is warm and cozy looking. : )