Sunday, December 18, 2016

25 to go.....

plus the 4 corner squares....hope to finish a couple more today and maybe even sew something different for a change!  

slippery weather kept me indoors all day saturday so binge-watched 'midsomer murders' and sewed up my own storm.   spent the evening with quilting hoop in lap working on another UFO.  most of my christmasy stuff is done, save for decorating the tree and one more party.  some time this week will pull fabrics for the corner squares.   the finish is becoming a reality....hoping will get time the week between christmas and new year's to rough out goals and do some organizing before 2017 starts....this year has been my own version of  'it's a wonderful life' even with all the challenges and disappointments.  betting you feel the same....


  1. The British mystery series are great to watch! We have observed that if any one small village actually had that many murders (one a week!) no one would want to live there. One of the two Chicago PBS stations is showing Shetland -- not sure if they are new episodes or a re-run -- but I'm DVR'ing them.

    1. i agree! am thinking the population in midsomer must be way down by

  2. I just watched a Miss Marple episode last night, and I always think her friends should have worried whenever she was on the scene. It was a sure bet someone would die! : )
    More great progress!