Friday, December 23, 2016

it's a tree!

whereas previously got my christmas tree in maine or massachusetts--a live one--this year had to venture a bit more south, like the amazon! most congregate housing, live trees are not permitted so plan B resulted in this one. it was an easy choice...homeless or fake tree?  just big enough for all my lights that were new last year (and thus safe) and most of the ornaments collected over the years.  so homey revisiting old friends and christmases's easy up and easy store and that suits me fine.  no more wrestling boughs and removing pitch from various limbs or dealing with saws/hatchets.  i do miss a real tree though, but again, the choice was a no brainer.  now bring on christmas!

on the sewing front, another horrific block got finished...took me all day inbetween other tasks....and then some hand sewing.  will be posting another finish for sure before the year ends.  and since the new year will be a downton year for me, you can practice calling me "your ladyship"....


  1. Your tree is lovely "your Ladyship". Merry Christmas!

  2. Just spray some pine scent in the house each morning and maybe you won't miss the fresh cut tree. : )
    It looks very festive. It is amazing what comes via "the Amazon", isn't it?
    Have a Merry Christmas, your ladyship!

  3. You have made a first Christmas there for yourself that is both quaint and modern; kudos to you, your Ladyship.