Friday, December 16, 2016

on to december!

these are the last of the november blocks and now to start december's!   this is exciting indeed as there are some fairly simple ones and a couple of  "corkers" to use an old phrase.  that light at the end of this year-long tunnel is getting brighter every day.   can't say enough that this has been a huge challenge, but pretty satisfied with the result.  doubting more and more that a regular batt will be used to finish, unless the destination is the arctic.  the flimsy is quite weighty and even flannel will make it more than warm for most winter climates.  nonetheless, that is a future dilemma.  for right now enjoying the almost success....and the finish can't come soon enough....


  1. Oh, these must be the 365s you are working on. Nice! "Corker"...haven't heard that word in a loooooong time.

  2. Wow, you still have almost half the calendar month of December with which to work!!! Considering all the moving that you did, you have met this challenge beautifully! Kudos to you!

  3. You have been most impressive in your dedication to this challenge. I have enjoyed seeing the blocks you have created. Your choice of scrappy fabrics in all colors has made yours unique, but still very true to the light/dark pattern of the original. Great job, Grace!

  4. How do you keep all your sew-along blocks sorted? Wouldn't want your Farmer's Wife to get confused with your 365 . . .

    1. lol...have piles of blocks here and there..oh and the brackman stars are another