Wednesday, December 21, 2016

counting down

as of today at 9 am, only 22 blocks left, plus corners....already thinking about what will get sewn when this is done....first up is the farmer's wife flimsy and westering all those UFOs and WIPs....

the left side block was a real grinch...part of the issue is that when i print out the directions, i do them in gray tones to save ink and that can create an even bigger challenge....this was the december 9th block and the next, december 10th, isn't quite so difficult......and today's happiness?

my very own door to display christmas cards....seems like a small thing but to me it means so very much....that and NO SNOW!   if i get lonesome for snow, only have to travel about half an hour or so north and there'll be some and it'll come our way eventually, but for now it's great!

1 comment:

  1. Oh, that looks like a really challenging block! Good work!
    When we have to do without what may seem like "little things" for a time, they are so much more appreciated when we have them again!
    Merry Christmas, Grace (who now has her own door for displaying Christmas cards)!! : )