Friday, July 29, 2016

two more done...

instead of the 6 would have liked to finish, but dabbled in a few other projects and indulged in afternoon power nap so i could sew thru quilt-cam, which got cancelled for audio issues...bummer!  maybe there'll be time this morning for just one more block before going out.   

and would you believe this happens all the time?  cutting over the trash can that's barely 2 feet away and still the scraps and papers fly all over the floor...gotta get a larger and taller trash bucket, i guess.

finally cooler with temps in the 80s....oh yeah, that is sure welcome....have a balmy day!


  1. Very interesting design on the red and white block!
    Oh, I can relate--it looks that way around my sewing trash can all the time. : )

  2. I haven't even sewn since moving into the basement and my trash can looks the same as yours, Ha.
    Boy, did I split a gut when I saw your sign you gave Vic...I just about spewed my iced tea onto the screen. You were at the right place at the right time. The red & white block does look complicated...did you have to make templates?

    1. nope...paper all the farmer's wife blocks are...and i just HAD to buy that for her...

  3. Hee,hee, I'm the one that loves the sign that Grace got for me that reads, "Stash Management Flunkie!"
    Grace those are two more wonderful blocks!

  4. Grace, somehow I'd missed the splendid quilt on your header. OMG, it's wonderful! You sure have become skilled at the hand quilting, it's beautiful!