Tuesday, July 26, 2016

my next 365 block...

and see that date!  yep, just 3 blocks to do!   i am sooooo thrilled and relieved that my block backlog has disappeared.   course, now i have to tackle the farmer's wife with about 8 blocks to do.

this should be a quick one indeed!  and here are a few of the latest i've sewn....a few challenges

but the middle one in the top row?   went together lickety split....sometimes it just happens that way...they aren't as wonky as they look, but because some have so many seams, even pressing doesn't tame them.  ***with housework done and blocks up to date, can dabble in a couple of other projects for a change.  yes, the farmer's wife is #1 and have been itching to start a mod quilt in orange....about 3 years ago, many internet quilters generously shared their orange scraps with me and i'm just about ready to get started.  today also finished some paper piecing leaf blocks for the guild raffle quilt next year, and there'll be some applique work on that too.  can i squeak in another small finish this month?  wouldn't hurt to try....temps modulating a bit with high 80s later in the week...oh yeah i can take that easy!


  1. Congrats on getting pretty well caught up with your project. We've been having pretty hot days also. Good days to stay in the AC.

  2. It's a good feeling to be caught up. Stay cool and have fun with something new.

  3. You are getting some really great fabric combos, Grace.
    Only three blocks from "caught up"? WooHoo!!