Monday, July 25, 2016


not yet, not for a month yet, but these 2 birthday goodies came my way today...first a cake, rather 1/4 of a huge cake, from a neighbor...does this mean i'm older than i think i am?  hopefully just happy coincidences....

looks scrumptious and i did taste a tiny bit, but may have to share even's 4 layers and loaded with frosting, a bit more than even i can or should eat.   and then stuffed in my mailbox was this, from victoria, who always sends something early...

a lovely pillowcase and quite a few pieces of new fabric, plus a couple of drawer sachets too...i ran down to get the mail before doing my laundry and now can wash my other pillowcase and all this new fabric!   so very thoughtful of you vic!  was feeling a teensy bit deprived after not buying even one charm square at quilt odyssey.  not having a little part-time job has put me on a strict financial diet, and although there's plenty in the fabric larder, once in a while would like to indulge.  one thing on my birthday list is a stippling stencil that i saw at quilt odyssey.  great for backgrounds!  ***  and yes, it's blistering hot...97 today and no, have not ventured out to check.  the entire week is in the 90s so have to buck up and get through it.  it's just a blizzard in reverse with clear and dry roads.  and now that my housework is done, the rest of the day is mine!  


  1. Chocolate cake, fabric and air conditioning! It just can't get any better than that!!! :-) Enjoy!

  2. Hooray, it got there! So glad that you like the fabrics and the pillowcase. Most of those neutral Civil War backgrounds were hunks of what I'd bought at The Mothership's Annual Tent Sale, where we had enjoyed shopping together one year.

    1. you are a peach was a wonderful surprise!