Monday, August 1, 2016

monday design wall

a fairly busy sewing weekend here in steamy and occasional monsoon-like weather...what else to do but sew, right?   first up, nearly busted an entire layer cake with this's sandy gervais' rambling rose line and this layer cake was a giveaway...lucky me! 

the flash washed the color out a bit, but it's pinks, aquas, tan/browns....with a pile of leftover waste triangles, started sewing up a dolly quilt.   would have liked more of the cream prints, but had to work around what was of the issues with layer cakes, but it'll get hand quilted and then a pink binding which should tone down the brown flying geese a bit.  next up, 2 more farmer's wife blocks, leaving me with 2 more to get current....what can i say....slacked off a bit...

and lastly, here's a look at the 365 with ALL the borders on to date....that is today's task...more 365 blocks. with august here, only 5 months left on this challenge and my interest has waned a bit, but can't stop now.   i think this 3rd border of little blocks is about 3 months' worth as well...

the schedule is a tad crowded this week for a few days....hoping friday/saturday will be devoted to cutting up scraps and clearing out the's way beyond due....another hot week, but over summer's hump and have made it so far and on our way to favorite season of all!


  1. Your 365 Challenge looks great! You've kept up well!!

  2. Oh I like your 365 better than the original - nice work

  3. Stunning as usual, I just scooped up some of the Rambling Rose line over the weekend when Kathie had a 65% off final sale. Very impressed with the 365, keeping up with it and your selection of fabric.

  4. thanks denise...the RR is a pretty fabric line...

  5. Wow - those tiny low volume blocks are amazing! Whoop whoop!!