Saturday, July 23, 2016

quilt odyssey--a fantastic show!

starting with the venue, which was the hershey conference are some shots inside and out...what's NOT to like about a chocolate ballroom!   it was a perfect day from start to finish, totally oblivious to the searing heat outside.  my seatmate on the bus was priscilla, a certified NQA judge, and we chatted about many things--places to visit, places we had visited, our quilty interests and a bit about our lives. 

out front under a portico, large round tables while waiting for the bus, taking a break or whatever..

lovely pond with water plants and oh those hanging baskets....gorgeous!

the foyer with raffle quilts....

yes, that is karen kay buckley with "brandywine triumph," a raffle quilt adapted from her 'majestic mosaic' pattern

show rules posted in the booklet prohibit me from sharing any photos of the display or juried quilts, but i am guessing because the above are raffle quilts, photos of which are widely available for the purpose of selling tickets, it's ok to show them...if not i'll gladly remove from the post.


  1. Oh, how enticing! Glad you got to go.

  2. Wow! What a treat! I'm really not a fan of purple... but I love that purple quilt!

    1. it's a big quilt and quite impressive in person

  3. Thanks for sharing the legal photos and glad you had some fun there!