Sunday, June 19, 2016

hel-loooo june!

finally finshed ALL blocks for may and am now starting on, not too far behind at this point but some of the early june blocks are super complicated, meaning lots of little pieces--but forge ahead i must!   and since may blocks are done, here's a peek at the last few.

during the recent stash reorg, found some green lights and mediums that would work for this project, so added them to the mix.   have printed out up thru june 10th; will see how long it takes to finish them.   before moving on to june blocks, took a mini-detour and finished up blocks for this little UFO

that hope to tackle today and at least get it to the flimsy stage; from there it'll be a quick finish.   *** few days of 90s weather coming up, which makes for good sewing time.  even when i lived near the ocean, didn't venture out, especially to lounge on hot sand.  haven't yet found my way to the shore here in maryland, but there'll be plenty of beach days ahead....enjoy your summer sunday!


  1. Those are involved little blocks. I would never be able to keep up or catch up.
    Love the way you have oriented the pale background stripes in the pink quilt. Nice visual effect.

    1. thanks...last block running low on stripe so it is situated horizontally but hard to tell...

  2. Pink snail's trails is coming along nicely and your May blocks are gorgeous. Kudos to you for getting to JUNE!!!! Yahoo!