Monday, June 20, 2016

not too early....

to think about next year's projects and progress....with my birthday coming up end of august, am thinking about gifting myself with this....

it's the quilters' addition to this roomy monthly calendar, there are project pages, graph paper pages, lots of idea jotting space, etc.  it's sort of a birthday/reward gift for my lengthy and so-far successful no buy behavior.  having worked for behavior modification specialists in the past, know the value of a reward and this is a doozy!   so, am i addicted to organizing?  does it make my life unmanageable?  not a fact, just the opposite.   same with quilting....all this chat about quilting as an addiction is pure hooey in my book.  no matter if one swoons or eyes glaze over fabric, not even close to addiction.  in the past had occasion to visit more than one detox facility and there IS a difference, trust me.  doctors, PhDs, therapists are all too quick to label people; in fact, everyone they encounter from the grocery store clerk to the dry cleaning cashier.  diagnosing patients is one thing, but snap judgments are quite another and often these so-called professionals cannot distinguish between the two, something about not seeing the beam in their own go ahead, beef up the stash, quilt til you wilt, take that cruise and sign up for that's good for you!  and besides, it's only an addiction if you want to quit...LOL!


  1. Very interesting post.......glad to see there is truly nothing wrong with me! More info on the planner, where is this sold?

  2. Especially love that last line! : )